What You Need To Know About Your Peace Wireless IP CCTV Security System

poe security camera system

A PoE security camera network is the new video surveillance system with PoE technology, which requires only one network cable for video transmission and power supply, designed to monitor the property and home all the time. With the use of the internet you can connect PoE cameras from just about anywhere to your monitoring system, allowing for an almost continuous monitoring.

These wireless security systems have become very popular in the UK in recent times due to the rising crime rate and the need for home protection. PoE security cameras allow you to view live what’s happening in your home, office, shopping mall, gas station, school, hospital, bus stop and more! They are fully-functional and reliable in all of these areas.

In this article we’ll answer the top ten most asked questions about a PoE security camera system. These questions will help you make the best decision for your family, home and business. Are the benefits worth the cost? Here are the answers!

Cost To Get A Power Home Security Camera System

How much does it cost to get a power home security camera system? – There is not a single brand name that is available on the market for any one camera, so prices on cameras will vary widely. The price will also include the PoE remote control and the cabling that is needed to hook up the cameras to your monitoring system. Some systems have different kits available and others don’t; some cameras have only one main receiver while others may have two or three receivers and transmitters depending on the number of cameras you have. As mentioned before, the pricing can vary wildly between companies so shop around to find the best deal for your needs.

Which PoE camera models are available? – Every camera has its own specific set of features including distance and angle options. The control units will need to be compatible with your IP camera or it will not transmit. Some cameras are limited by the distance they can transmit; other cameras are not. Look for the feature that would best suit your needs. You can check product pages for specifications and compatibility.

Resolutions Do These Cameras Support

What video resolutions do these cameras support? – Each security camera model will output in different formats, including high definition (HD), standard definition (SD), and anti-aliasing. Some of the IP cameras also have a 4K security system option which offers better resolution at a higher frame rate than standard definition. Choose a camera that outputs in HD if you are going to use it in a high resolution environment like a studio.

Does it have a warranty? – All of the major manufacturers offer some form of warranty on their products including Phillips, Hunter, Kroll, and Linksys. If it does not have a warranty, you should be able to find extended warranty information online. Most of the major security cameras manufacturers offer at least a one year warranty on their products and provide extended service if needed. However, make sure the company you choose offers an excellent customer service record.

The Cameras Hardwired To The Same Server

Are all the cameras hardwired to the same server? – If you purchase your cameras online and have them shipped to you, some cameras will require you to configure them with your IP address, others will allow you to connect them to a router via your WAN connection and some cameras will allow you to connect them directly to your server using an SD card. Check the specs to be sure you get a camera that can work with your IP network. Most of the routers being sold today have Ethernet ports that allow wireless devices to connect directly.

Where can I access the control unit from my computer? – Most PoE cameras will have a serial port that you can use to access and control your camera system. Other devices may have a different serial number to access the control unit.


The PoE controls are usually kept on a separate circuit board that connects to the computer via a USB port or a serial port. Some PoE cameras will also come with a monitor and keypad. The monitor will display live what is going on as long as the batteries are charged.

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