What Is The Blink Security System

blink security system

With a full-power video camera as the brains of this system, no safe entry is too risky. The best part is that this system costs nothing to operate.’

Know The Features

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New! BLINK IN DOOR is a portable, battery-powered wireless security camera with a built-in, rechargeable, two-way audio and infrared night vision monitor. Features like night vision and two-way voice help you remain connected to what’s going on in home no matter where you’re going, day or night. Simply arm the device with the transmitter and four or eight cameras (depending on the model) and sync it to your laptop, cell phone or Windows-based PC. Then just turn it on and sit back.

Ways To Connect Yourself Through Blinker Cam Network

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BLink Security System gives you two ways to connect to your Blinker Cam Network. The first way is through your android mobile phone – simply download and install the free android blink app to your phone. The second way is through the internet (no subscription or fees required). Sign up for an account on the official blink website, download your camera set (if you don’t have one) and install the blink app on your android phone.

The Blinks’ primary mode of operation is the “wait and see” motion sensor approach. If a person or criminal enters the front door, the front-facing infrared motion sensor records the data for playback on your computer later. This gives you real-time data (aside from the person’s facial expressions, of course) which you can analyze with your own software program. If nothing appears, or if the person flees, you can switch to the recording mode. The website has a technical support feature that allows you to pause live view recordings. If you want to replay a recorded video, all you have to do is press the playback button.

Allows You To Check Out Areas

Another added advantage of the live view capability is that it lets you check out areas where the cameras might not be able to see in real time. For example, a street light at one side of the home may turn on when you’re not at home and then turn off as soon as you arrive home in the evening. You can then pan the camera in that direction and play recorded clips on your computer, using the blink app on your android smartphone or tablet. It will allow you to view areas which would otherwise be completely dark. The blinks system can also help you find the entrance to a hidden room.

Some of the advantages of using your smartphone or tablet as a monitor are particularly valuable if you have elderly relatives or pets that may not be keen to let you know what they are doing. If your pet starts to act funny or if you hear strange noises coming from inside the house, you’ll know that something is wrong. With the blink app for Android, you can set up cameras outside your front door and inside your bedroom. Whenever there is movement inside, the cameras will flash their light. You can then use the footage to find out if your pet is out of his or her own room.

Last Words

The sync module will also allow you to see all of the activity that is happening live right on your smartphone. The video recording can be played on your television or you can view the images on your smartphone. It’s easy to check up on your surveillance system through the Blinks live view on your smartphone. This is also great if you need to check up on any suspicious activity that is going on around your property. The Blinks live view on your smartphone also enables you to control your cameras through the touch screen.

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