What Features Do You Need On Your Smoke Alarm System

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Ring Alarm Security System bundles the power of entire-house security into a simple, easy-to-use DIY package. When activated, Ring Alarm instantly sends out notifications to your mobile and/or tablet when doors or windows open and if motion is detected within your home. With a Ring Protect Plan, integrate it with existing doorbells, security cameras, and secure personal locks to fully control your home’s security system from the comfort of your own home. Use the included motion sensors to turn on lights or sound alarms in times of high activity, and instantly control access to restricted areas.

Connectivity is enhanced by integrating your security system with a high-speed internet ( wifi network) device. You can access your home through your wifi network, without having to move from your car, boat, or tent. With a Ring Protect Plan, connect your alarm siren with an included, pre-programmed backup human contact in the case of a power failure or other emergency. If your primary base station (station containing your main control panel) fails, activate your base station first before continuing your journey home via the included mobile base station. Other available features include:

An Overview

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iPhone/iPad and Android applications: The iPhone and Android apps for your Ring Alarm system provide detailed information about your home environment. They also allow you to monitor the cameras in your basement and view live video feeds from your property, from anywhere. Android devices are designed for optimal viewing on a full-screen Android interface, while the iPhone and iPad are designed for use on a small and wide screen smartphone. Both devices are equipped with motion sensors that can be used with the included cabling system to install cameras in most any room in your home.

Alarm System Command Center: The alarm system command center gives you access to live dispatchers who will contact you within seconds of an incident. The SIRIUS protocol used by all Ring devices allows you to send secure SMS messages directly to the command center from your smartphone. These alerts are processed within the blink of an eye, so you will always know that help is on the way. The command center also allows you to set up pre-defined time intervals for your home security systems to sound the siren. This provides maximum protection for you and your loved ones during an incident.

Lower Monthly Cost: One of the best benefits offered by all home security systems is the lower monthly cost. You are charged a fixed fee every month to stay on top of your security needs. The cost varies based on the size of your household and your monthly connection speeds. Many times, the fee is less than what you would pay if you lived in a very large house in a high-crime neighborhood. There is always a monthly cost associated with large homes and higher monthly connection speeds.

Smoke Alarm System Facts

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Smart Home Security System Alarms: If you want to add additional protection, there are several features available for you to consider. Some smart home security systems include added motion sensors and smoke detectors. These features will alert you when the sensor’s sensor range is crossed. When this happens, you will receive an audible alert. Other added options may include having the alarm sound each time a door or window opens, heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon Monoxide sensors will alert you when carbon monoxide levels reach a certain level. With the addition of smoke detectors, you can have the option to sound an audible alarm when smoke reaches a certain level as well. These features will allow you to customize your smart home security system to meet your unique needs.

In addition to these options, your alarm system can have a second way that you can activate it to contact you if there is smoke detected. This can be done by turning on the optional “panic button” which is usually located inside the home and will connect a cell phone call to the monitoring center. The benefit of this feature is that it will allow you to use the existing smoke detectors to alert you if you experience a problem. This option is also connected to a battery powered backup system that will automatically send an alert to the company at any time, even when you are not at home.

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