What Are The Basics Of The Simplisafe Home Security System

simplisafe home security system

Simplisafe Home Security Systems combines the benefits of wireless and base station home security systems for easy installation, flexible controls, and maximum security. With Simplisafe you never have to leave your front or back door – the keypad is mounted in the base station and it connects to your monitored security system via a secure web interface. The keypad is always displayed so you can be sure that it is your house, even if you’re away from home. This is the ‘heart’ of your system because it acts as the control center. Here are the benefits of a Simplisafe base station keypad and monitor combo system:

Easy Installation

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Simplisafe installs easily with one base unit, making it convenient for nearly any do-it-yourselfer. You simply plug it in and mount it on the front door. There are no wiring or drilling necessary. And, the convenience of a keypad makes it easy to add more keypads if needed.

Ease Of Use

home security

 Simplisafe uses state of the art technology and includes many helpful features. It has touch screen keypads, a cool LED motion sensor light, a built-in alarm, and carbon monoxide detectors. The touch screen is simple to use with its large, high contrast backlit keys. Even the power button is easy to find and operate. You can even program your Simplisafe home security system to turn itself on at a certain time. If you want to test it out, you can plug the keyfob into an unplugged socket and activate the security system.

No Contract-free Options

 One of the big advantages of DIY home security systems is that you don’t need a long term contract with a monitoring company. You can activate the system at anytime and deactivate it at any time without worrying about payments. This gives you flexibility and makes it possible to move house without having to worry about property deposits. Simplisafe is one of the few DIY home security systems that offer this level of freedom.

 No Hardware Or Software

Unlike many home security systems, Simplisafe has no complicated set up to install. It is a wireless system that connects to the home security company’s base station through a data network. Simplisafe base stations use radio wave frequencies. You connect the Simplisafe system to your computer, modem or cell phone through a data network. That’s it – you’re ready to get security and help right at home.

Advanced Technology

 In addition to being wireless, Simplisafe also has advanced technology to protect you from burglars. It uses the Data Network Management System (DNNS), which is provided by the company. The DNNS is a high quality, state of the art system that monitors your home security system and alerts you if someone is attempting to break in. It is made up of four main components including an Internet gateway, a smart phone application, a desktop PC, and an Alexa web access server. The server is connected to your Google Assistant via a data network, which means that if the Internet is down, the alexa service will still work. You can even go as far as arming and disarming your Simplisafe base station with ease.


Simplisafe is not the only company offering high-quality home automation systems. There are a lot of other brands that offer home automation and security monitoring plans. It is important that you do some research and find out which company offers the best home security system features for your needs. You can use the Internet to learn more about the security monitoring plans that are available and how each brand of home automation and security system works.

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