Types Of Security Cameras

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Security cameras are available in a variety of types. They can be installed in houses, office buildings, schools, restaurants, shops, commercial establishments, and malls. There is various security camera such as wireless, infrared, wireless surveillance camera, motion-activated, tape recorders, and visible and invisible cameras.

Security cameras are used to protect people, property, and the environment. However, in today’s world, many types of security cameras have been developed to serve different purposes.

Types Of Security Cameras
Types Of Security Cameras

Wireless Security Camera: Types Of Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras transmit images to the monitor or a remote computer. No one observes the pictures that are transmitted to the monitor. These cameras are used in homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and retail stores. There are different types of wireless security cameras.

Infrared Cameras Are Ideal For Businesses: Types Of Security Cameras

For security purposes, infrared security cameras are generally installed in businesses, especially in warehouses, where no one is at hand. There are cameras in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses where criminal or illegal activities might occur. On the other hand, some cameras are visible and used in schools, parks, daycare centers, and swimming pools.

Types Of Security Cameras
Types Of Security Cameras

Cameras To Install Outside The Office And House

There are also visible security cameras that can be installed on the outside of houses and offices. Visible cameras are mostly installed in front of the house, and they have the function of recording the images that are recorded by the hidden cameras that are connected to the camera mounted inside the house.

Spy Camera Or Hidden Camera: Types Of Security Cameras

For those who don’t monitor the people inside the house, they can use the hidden cameras, which are connected to the computer. Also, some cameras are always around, even though they don’t monitor people.

Cameras are also known as spy cameras. Spy cameras can be used for security purposes. Moreover, some cameras are manufactured with high-tech models that have the capability of recording videos at high resolutions.

Motion-Activated Cameras

Motion-activated cameras are the newest type of security cameras that use infrared technology, and they can also transmit images to a monitor, computer, or other wireless devices. Also, motion-activated cameras are used in hospitals, malls, and shopping centers.

Visible Camera

There are also visible cameras that do not record videos, but they capture images by using optical devices. They also don’t require a computer or a monitor.

Infrared Cameras Are Common

The most common type of camera is the infrared camera. The infrared camera is a thermal camera that can transmit images to a monitor, or a wireless device. The infrared camera is used for surveillance in public places like stores, schools, restaurants, and malls.

Hidden cameras are usually installed in the closet or the attic. The types of cameras that can be installed in these areas include infrared cameras, hidden cameras, video cameras, and motion-activated cameras. Moreover, this type of camera is mainly used in schools and public places like daycares, parks, and factories.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many types of cameras to choose from, and you will need to think about the small things like the installation process, which camera type to choose, and how it will help you to improve the security of your business or home. Nowadays, several security companies have their in-house security experts to answer your questions about the different types of security cameras that are available in the market.

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