Top 7 Scorpion Security Products

scorpion security products

Odoo’s special value proposition is for all these items to be integrated into one system. With effective integration, you won’t have to go through multiple devices when you need to check your security devices, making it more likely that you will remember to do so, and when you need to use it. When you are away from home, you won’t have to fumble around in a drawer to find your keys, keeping you from being able to check your phone and computer.

Entrapment Protection: Prevent unauthorized access to your property with Scorpion’s Entrapment Protection. Implanting a small magnetic device within a potential hiding area will discourage most criminals. This device contains two powerful magnet systems that can effectively stop most burglars. Simply install in any location protected by a door or window and turn on. The handheld unit has a powerful emit and will emit for up to three hours during the nighttime.

Instantly Activating

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Panic Switch/ Bulletin Bells: Install a personal panic button or bell near your valuables and property. These devices will automatically sound an alert to your family, if triggered, instantly activating a secondary alarm system. These devices use state of the art technology and are tamper proof. Also, these devices will automatically send you a text message or call you on the telephone when they are activated, saving you the effort of having to manually call them yourself.

Proximity Monitoring: Keep an eye on your home wireless surveillance system when you are not at home. Use the system to view who is at your home, when you leave and when you return. With the wireless Proximity Monitoring system, you can watch your home remotely through your mobile phone from anywhere. You can check in on your children as well as employees with this convenient home security product.

Professional Team

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Protect Your Family Safely And Ensure Your Home Protection: Keeping your family safe and secure is one of the most important tasks you can do as a homeowner. One way to protect your family is to install quality home security devices around the home. This will provide a sense of safety to your family members. The devices designed to keep your family safe include:

Alarm Systems: Install high-tech devices in all entry ways to keep your home a safe place. These entries are monitored by a professional team of security experts. The devices may be set to activate either on their own or if someone approaches the home or reaches inside without a key.

The Movement At A Distance

Security Plates: Investing in a home security plate reader may be just what is needed to secure the home. These readers allow you to place an alert on the entrance that automatically goes out when any visitor crosses it. These readers may work with alarms, sirens or both. They do not contain a direct contact with the home, but they can monitor the movement at a distance. The system is connected to the local authorities so if you are at work and an unknown person passes by your house, a call will be sent to the monitoring center.

Own Advantages

Safes: Keeping valuables out of harm’s way is the number one priority for homeowners. Whether you have valuable jewelry or cash, safes come in handy.

Final Verdict

A home safe can be installed in a number of different ways. You can use a keypad lock box, a keypad lock or use one of the many other types of safe. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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