The Complete Smart Home Security System From Vivint Security

vivint security system

Vivint is a leading provider of home security systems. The company has been in business since 1977 and is dedicated to developing cutting-edge security systems for homes and commercial buildings. Their monitoring equipment is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is compatible with all major monitoring systems. The company’s wireless access point can allow a user to monitor any number of cameras from anywhere. This feature is unique to the company and has made their equipment very effective in their given markets.

Motion Sensor

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The living security system is equipped with a motion sensor that detects body heat and movement. It is capable of detecting human movement at distances up to twenty feet. If someone were to enter the property through an exit, the system would trigger the video recording device with a suspicious individual’s visual record.

Convenience Of Video Surveillance From Anywhere

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A smart home system provides the convenience of having video surveillance anywhere in the house. You can also control your computer’s viewing feed from anywhere in the house using a web browser. For safety purposes, the system comes with a remote control feature that allows you to disarm the system and disarm the camera from anywhere in the house. This added functionality is highly beneficial in the home environment. Most home security systems today come with both of these features.

Wired And Wireless Installations

Vivint smart home security systems come in two formats, the wired and the wireless installations. For the wired system, the homeowner will need to hire a professional to install the hardware components. These components include the camera, the monitor, and the control panel. Installation of the hardwired system requires that the homeowner have proper electric wiring installed in the house. Most of the wireless units require only a wireless router or access point.

The installation process for most Vivint products is quick and easy. A technician from the Vivint company will meet the customer at the site and install the customer’s product. Installation is easy when using routers that allow multiple users to connect through wireless signals. Most routers have an on-screen setup wizard that guides the user through the simple process. There are many additional features for the customer to purchase as he decides which smart home security systems are best suited for his needs.

Using A Remote Control

The customer can purchase a smartphone or tablet to use as a remote control. The living system comes with the Vivint smart home app that can be used on smartphones or tablets. This feature is highly beneficial for families that need visual monitoring from their homes. The live feed allows the family to see what is happening at their home when they are not there. There are also contact numbers provided on the home security system app for the family’s emergency contact information. This feature makes it easy to identify and contact emergency personnel should an emergency occur.

Mobile Application

The mobile application has several additional features as well. It provides contact numbers for emergency personnel, and it also allows the homeowner to view the property while on the go. Many high-end security systems include hardwired cameras and motion detectors that can be monitored on-site or remotely using the mobile app. Some of the most impressive mobile apps available include notifications on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, regarding any property activity.

Final Words

The combination of a wireless security system, the mobile app, and the mobile hub panel makes for an incredible home surveillance system. Any of the three components can be used individually or in conjunction with one another to achieve the greatest protection degree. Prices for the system can vary depending on the features included in the package. Prices for the installation can vary depending on the number of components required. Installation can be quick and easy for families that do not wish to invest in professional installation. For more information on Vivint products, visit their official website at Viva Labs.

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