SimpliSafe Home Automation – Wireless Security System for Indoors & Outdoors

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The easy to install cameras come with a smartphone app so you can view your camera remotely or view images on the internet. Here are some of the benefits of the SimpliSafe camera and how you can take advantage of them:

For households, a camera can act as a secondary surveillance tool, catching thieves in the act. With the SimpliSafe, you can have visual verification without the need for the babysitter to step in front of the viewfinder and touch the lens. The SimpliSafe can be connected to your existing monitoring center or the motion detection system you have.

The Simplisafe Camera

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For businesses, the SimpliSafe camera allows for easy visual confirmation of alarms. Instead of calling the security office, you can immediately view the camera feed on your smartphone, making it possible for you to see who is entering your building without being interrupted by an alarm. The SimpliSafe has an integrated privacy shutter, which keeps images visible and audible but protects the customer from hearing or seeing the interior of the building. The camera has a very tiny lens that barely covers the entire front of the camera housing. This helps reduce light reflectivity and reduces the chance of glare.

SimpliSafe cameras can also be used for security system monitoring. You can have a monitoring center record images and alert you to suspicious activity using the built in app. The SimpliSafe camera comes with an additional sensor that will trigger the motion detection system while you are away from the house. The device sends a text message or a phone call to your cell phone when motion is detected. This feature also allows you to know if you are at home or away from your house.

Software Program

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The SimpliSafe HV indoor security camera is also compatible with the SimpliTV control software program. With the SimpliTV program, you can stream video footage straight to your TV screen. If you have an HDTV, this makes it easy to check in on your family activities while you’re away at work. It’s also perfect for checking in on your kids while you’re on vacation.

The SimpliTV remote access kit includes a SimpliTV receiver, wall mount, wall switch, wall plates, and wall stickers. The wall switch and wall plates control the front doorbell to initiate communication with the SimpliTV. The wall switch and wall plates can also be used outdoors as a control for other indoor sensors. The wall stickers will allow you to customize your SimpliTV experience.

HV Indoor Camera

In addition to controlling your SimpliSafe HV indoor camera from the wall, the SimpliTV receiver can also be used to control outdoor cameras and SimpliTV wall brackets. You can use the wall switch and wall plates for motion detection. This eliminates the need to install individual outdoor security cameras. The SimpliTV receiver can also be used to control the SimpliTV itself.

SimpliTV is a great solution for both business and home applications where enhanced security is desired. The SimpliTV technology allows for a completely hands-free operation of the system with no additional equipment. In addition to its automated features, SimpliTV offers the ability to receive real-time motion detection alerts, control and monitor the indoor and outdoor cameras, and receive up to date information about the IP address and MAC address of each camera.

The Transmitter

The kit consists of the SimpliTV transmitter, a single outdoor camera, and an indoor camera. The transmitter can be positioned anywhere in your house. In order to receive motion detection alerts, the transmitter must be within line of sight to the outdoor camera. The indoor camera is controlled using an SD card and the data can be transferred to a laptop through a wi-fi connection.

In order to use the SimpliSafe indoor and outdoor security camera as part of a security system, you will need the following accessories: a power supply, an external monitor, a microprocessor, and a USB cord. If you plan on using the SimpliSafe technology for remote detection and notification, you will need an IR remote with passive infrared technology. Other accessories that you should consider purchasing include: an anti-static wrist strap, a wall mount adapter, a wireless clock or radio, and a high-bright LED flashlight. You may also want to purchase a few additional items, including: a high-definition camera, a smoke detector, a flood light, or a window froster. These items will prove useful should an emergency situation ever arise.


As you can see, the SimpliSafe wireless video surveillance system is flexible and cost effective. For homes that do not wish to install an outdoor camera, this home automation option offers the next best thing. When used in conjunction with the appropriate devices, the SimpliSafe system is virtually maintenance free. The video surveillance system is worth every penny.

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