Should I Buy Bluetooth Security Cameras

bluetooth security camera

Why choose a Bluetooth security camera? It’s an excellent question, and the answer is actually quite simple. The primary function of Bluetooth technology on security cameras is enabling you to utilize Bluetooth to gain access to and install your security cameras over a short range. Your Bluetooth security units and your Bluetooth enabled devices (such as your iPhone) generally all share data at a much smaller distance between 10 to 100 feet (329ft and 10ft).

For example, you can monitor your home or business premises from any location with a Bluetooth security camera, yet remain connected via Bluetooth to the actual camera. You see, your camera is not just a camera, it’s also a Wi-Fi device. And in order for your camera to utilize the internet, it must stay close to a WiFi hot spot or cable network. In this respect, your camera acts just like an online computer. This makes for easier viewing, and also means that should you move or switch venues, your camera will still be connected to your wifi network.

An Overview

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Even though your camera uses Bluetooth technology to view and record your premises, it is strictly a data only system. It records everything, but it does not store the files on its hard drive, nor does it send them over the airwaves. That’s why your footage can be picked up even if you move anywhere within a short distance of the security system you are using – even if there’s just a few meters between your building and the nearest wireless access point. You see, the data that the camera captures can be downloaded by accessing the same page on your smartphone or tablet, and viewed online. The only way someone could get physical access to your property is to physically connect your camera to the internet wirelessly.

Some devices will also allow you to connect to your camera via Bluetooth without the need of a hotspot, and you can then stream the images wirelessly to a monitor, mobile phone or personal pc. This feature is incredibly convenient if you are in a location where your access point is far from your home or workplace. For example, you could have an alarm clock close to your child’s bedroom and install a wireless security camera near their bed. Once the child gets up in the morning, they can see what they recorded on their phone or tablet, log in and view their footage online right away.

Buying Bluetooth Security Camera

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Apart from their convenience, another major advantage of Bluetooth cameras is that they are actually very easy to use. Almost all of the major brands to sell products based on Bluetooth technology, and these days they are extremely intuitive to use. Most of the time, there is no need for any user to undergo any special training in order to set up the camera and upload the images. Almost all of them will simply connect through the Bluetooth interface and start capturing video automatically when the vehicle comes to a stationary point.

Another advantage of Bluetooth security cameras is that they can operate in a range of at least 30 ft. and they have the potential to transmit images even in areas where there is no coverage of either radio waves or WiFi. The most common places where you can expect to see this type of device are in closed environments such as a car or a building, but they are also suitable for use outside the house in gardens or parks. They are also often used in conjunction with CCTV or other forms of surveillance, because they are ideal for monitoring activity around your property. If you already own a property, you may even be able to take advantage of a free 30 day trial period, which allows you to try out the wireless device and see if it meets your individual needs before you make a long term commitment to purchase it.

One disadvantage of using a reoLINK Go Wire-Free Security Camera is that it has only been designed for use in buildings. This means that it is not suitable for use outside buildings, in parks and open spaces and at most places that are not specifically protected by building walls. This makes it one of the smallest wireless security devices available and also means that its range may be somewhat limited. However, it still has a considerable range and so may be perfect for monitoring traffic around your business. In fact, many experts agree that it is the ideal choice for this application.

Bottom Line

If you are going to install a camera outside your home, you may want to consider investing in a wireless version, which is available from a number of suppliers. You will find that there are a number of different types of Bluetooth cameras available, including those that are designed for outdoor use, ones that capture images in the evening and ones that work using a separate connection. Whatever type of camera you decide to buy, you will have complete control over how the footage is stored, whether it can be sent to a computer or shown on a monitor, and whether you want to view it using software or directly.

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