Real-time Notifications About Motion From A Solar Security Camera

solar security camera

After investigating, testing, and comparing more than a hundred solar security cameras currently on the market, highly recommend the Ring Solar HD Security Camera because of its overall value in all aspects. I’ve tested and bought several types of security or surveillance equipment over the years. However, none compares to the clarity and detailed images that this system provides. I have no hesitation in calling it the best solar security camera on the market. And, at just over one hundred dollars, it’s also one of the most affordable options.

Dome Cameras

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To begin with, there are several different types of solar security cameras. Some of the most popular are the bullet cameras, dome cameras, day / night cameras, weatherproof / waterproof (IP) cameras, pan / tilt / zoom cameras, infrared cameras, vandal proof, vandal resistant, vandal proof / water proof, anti-reflection coating, pan / tilt / zoom, vandal proof / high resolution imaging cameras. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the last two – vandal proof and high resolution imaging cameras. The price range for these features may vary greatly, so it’s important to compare what each offers before making a decision.

Audio Recording Capabilities

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Most systems offer the standard video and audio recording capabilities. However, there are some systems that offer more advanced features like the “motion detection” camera and the “cell phone flashlight”. The motion detection camera is the least expensive but doesn’t offer the same great quality and variety of functionality that the other cameras on the market do. This feature uses the same technology as the “aperture” camera found in most motion detection units.

This is a great outdoor security camera that has a very high resolution and offers very clear images. It uses two AA batteries and is easy to install. On a related note, this system is great for the home or business that requires remote viewing capabilities. The two included cameras can be hooked up to any video monitor and use the same motion detection algorithm. The cons are that it only captures at the most basic of angles, it’s difficult to view live and has a low battery life.

Resolution And Crisp Imagery.

This is another great security camera with an exceptional resolution and crisp imagery. It uses one AA battery and has a full 90 degree viewing angle. The cons are that it does not work well in bright sunlight, has a low battery life and is subject to overheat. The upside is that it has an automatic shut off feature. You can also program the unit to turn itself off when there is no sunlight present.

Final Words

This is a neat option for a security camera. It works by collecting data throughout the day and sends the data to your mobile phone, or via an internet connection to your email. With the latest iPhones, you can actually see live views of what’s going on with your property while you are out. By downloading an iPhone app (such as iSight), you can see live views of your home, even when you’re away. For homeowners with cameras installed in multiple locations, this option is particularly useful because you can receive real-time notifications about motion in your area. With a two-way audio feed, you get round the clock detection and notification about anything that’s going on with your property.

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