Microsoft Desktop Gadgets Security Vulnerability Issues

microsoft desktop gadgets security

The Windows operating system is one of the most used OS around the world. You will find that Microsoft regularly updates their operating system with new updates offering better security and new applications.

It offers compatibility for a wide range of devices, so you will find that it is leading in all the areas. It does not mean that Microsoft is not linked to any controversies. You will find information about Microsoft desktop gadgets security issues.

As you already know that during the launch of Windows 8, you’ll find that gadgets were a feature in at. You can check that Microsoft desktop gadgets security issues lead to certain sense concerns and the cancellation of the gadget features in it.

How Microsoft Fixed Desktop Gadgets Security Issues?

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Microsoft was seen urging all the users of Windows 7 and Vista to disable the gadget feature in the sidebar of the operating system. The gadget features were like a mini app-based system on the device that helps the user to implement certain software.

Due to a security concern, it wants the user about insecure gadgets that can attack the system to run arbitrary code. Microsoft stated the automated fix to disable the gadgets and sidebar in Windows 7 andWindowsVista. It is a workaround for the gadget feature as it helps in fixing the issues until a security update is available.

Why Did The Gadget Support Stop In Windows 8?

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Microsoft decided to kill the Microsoft desktop gadgets security support in Windows 8.According to the security advisor, it is a decision made by the form to ensure security for the users of The Windows 8 operating system.

During the Consumer and Release Preview editions,you can find that the gadgets were a feature in the Windows 8 operating system. According to the official sources,in the recent updates, you can see that the feature has been shut down in the final edition of Windows 8.

Is There Any Info About Microsoft Desktop Gadgets Security Issues?

Earlier it was not known that the Microsoft desktop gadgets security in Windows 8 was shut down due to security concerns or not.Certain researches were going behind at the Microsoft departments to ensure that they can find the bugs and focus on resolving the Microsoft desktop gadgets security vulnerabilities.It was during the blackhat convention to ensure they can find these issues. It is a move that helped Microsoft security to make necessary adjustments.


These are some of the info that you must get about the Microsoft desktop gadgets security. It will ensure that you can easily improve security and know that the use of the gadgets has been temporarily stopped.

In the recent updates, the Microsoft desktop gadgets security has been permanently removed as you cannot see any new operating system. Different bugs and vulnerabilities need to be discovered to ensure whether it is safe to use the gadget feature on your computer.

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