How To Hide Your Hidden Security Camera With Ease

hidden security camera

Hidden cameras can be one of the best home security systems money can buy. They can prevent vandalism, deter shoplifting and provide evidence for the police if you ever need to file a police report. But there are many other uses for hidden security cameras that most people never even think about. Here are seven great uses for your hidden surveillance cameras…

Hidden Security Camera Is Simply A Small Digital Video Recorder

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If you have outdoor security cameras in your yard, you probably have a few basic choices to make. Do you want wired cameras that hook up to a VCR or to your TV? Are you looking for something a bit more hidden? Do you want wireless cameras that look like ordinary garden cams but are actually concealed in an animal trap? The last choice might seem obvious, but does any security feature really add an additional layer of protection?

In most cases, the hidden security camera is simply a small digital video recorder that you plug into a wall outlet. Most of these tiny little video recorders are equipped with tiny, nearly invisible, black and white lenses that make them look like normal cameras, even when they’re turned on. But because they’re so small, they have very poor video quality and aren’t very powerful. If you want the best video quality and a powerful hidden camera, you’re going to have to buy a model that has a high level of built-in video resolution. These cameras use their tiny video recording sensors to trigger an electronic photo process that increases their video resolution and gives them a very realistic picture of what’s happening in and around the area they were aimed at.


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Some hidden security cameras don’t have a built-in sensor to detect movement, and that’s where infrared technology comes in handy. Infrared is a powerful form of electromagnetic radiation, which allows objects to stand still in front of them without emitting heat, unlike traditional video cameras that use the same principle. When you’re looking for a way to hide a camera, this is one of the best choices you can make. You can easily hide a motion detector camera behind something like a shelf or bookshelf, and then set up your IR camera so that it looks like a normal household item.

Another great way to hide your hidden security cameras is to simply attach them to the ceiling. Since these cameras have no physical parts that are visible to the naked eye, they can be easily disguised as ceiling fans, radios, wall clocks, wall art, Christmas ornaments, lighting fixtures and more. This means you can easily hide a security camera as you’d like, and you won’t have to worry about your camera being noticed. This makes it great if you’re placing the camera in a place where you might have to constantly monitor what’s going on, since you never know when someone could walk by and take notice.

Taking Your Hidden Surveillance System With You On A Trip

The third thing to remember when hiding your cameras is to know how to replace them. If you plan on taking your hidden surveillance system with you on a trip, it’s important that you know how to replace your hidden cameras once you’ve taken them with you. Taking hidden cameras with you on vacation can prove to be quite a challenge, especially if your hidden cameras are located in areas that are considered off-limits. Luckily, there are some simple ways to replace them once you’ve left home. Here’s how to do it:

The first thing to do is to find out the code for the security company or building that you’re using. Some hidden home security cameras have a secret code that you need to know in order to turn them on and turn them off, and these hidden cameras typically require an internet account to log in or register. Once you’ve found this code, you can simply log in using the given username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a screen that has the code printed on it. Simply copy this code (and save it somewhere so that you’ll have it on hand if the same code comes up) and then simply enter it into the box next to the mode that the nanny cam is set to.

Summing Up

The second thing to remember is to hide your camera inside of something that isn’t going to be noticed immediately by people around you. For example, a wall or a piece of furniture, even if it looks like it would be a great place for your hidden security camera to be hidden, might not be a great place for you to hide it because it will be easy for people to see and hear. In order to find a great place to hide your camera, try looking around doors and windows, behind furniture, behind picture frames, or anywhere that doesn’t seem like a good place to hide it. Hidden cameras are a great tool to have in any home; all you have to do is find a great place to put it.

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