How To Choose The Best Smart Home Security System

The old devices relied on wired systems and were never really hooked up to the internet. These wires were long and messy and prone to damage. If the system went down for any reason, the homeowner would have to call someone in to help or do it themselves and that could be a problem, especially if there was no one around to help.

Today’s best smart home security system devices are wireless and can be installed with ease. The technology has made this possible and the devices connect wirelessly to the internet so there is no need for cables or wires whatsoever. These devices use a variety of different sensors to detect the presence of people, pets or smoke. Some are able to detect motion and heat. With the internet, there is no longer a need for bulky routers and all the extra equipment required to support this new technology.

Wireless Diy Monitoring

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Many companies provide the best smart home security system options when it comes to wireless diy monitoring. These devices are much easier to install and can be monitored from a laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet. They work much like an alarm system and are often used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. This is a popular choice for those looking for the lowest cost option and do not want to have to hire an alarm technician to install it.

Offer A Free Trial Period

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Many companies will offer a free trial period, so you can try out their service first before making a commitment. Some devices come standard with a month of monitoring and installation for free, while others will require a nominal monthly fee for the full month’s protection. Most companies offer a smart fusion of these two features, so you get the best of both worlds with the integration of your security system and a monitoring service as well. However, most companies will only offer a trial period to get a feel for their services and to determine if their services will be right for your needs.

For homes that do not currently have any type of security system, this is a great way to save money on an expensive system. Most integrations allow for a three-way connection between the camera, DVR, and smart-home monitoring. You can save over $500 off retail by eliminating professional installation and taking advantage of on-line installation. The most reputable security system companies all offer these savings, so now is a great time to get the ball rolling.

Motion Detectors

The most common smart security systems will include motion detectors, cameras, and some type of DVR or app for recording live events. However, the more modern systems also include optional accessories like smart-locks, or proximity sensors to prevent cheating spouses from gaining access to your property. These additional accessories can be purchased as part of the system or through separate add-on purchases. Some manufacturers offer even more options, but it is always best to compare a number of them to make sure you are getting the right ones for your specific needs.

Other accessories that may be necessary for some installations include sensors for smoke and heat, for example. Today’s most popular smartphone apps also provide access to other smart home security system features such as sensors for carbon monoxide, and motion detectors that sense human movement. Additional devices could include smartphone control units and smartphone keychain remotes. While it may be tempting to go cheap on these accessories, smart-phone sensors and smartphone apps often offer many more benefits than cheaper, separate models, and are usually far more affordable overall.

Final Words

If you need extra devices, many companies offer discounts for multiple devices purchased at the same time. Some manufacturers bundle together a DVR, motion detectors, and smartphone control units in one affordable package. Others bundle together devices that provide additional peace of mind for security. In addition, some manufacturers offer smart home security system packages that include IP Cameras, smoke and heat sensors, and other types of outdoor security cameras. Shop around and read customer reviews before buying a package to get a sense of which devices are the most beneficial to your particular needs.

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