Here Is Everything You Should Know About Apartment Security System

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Protection of personal property, a private house, an apartment is an urgent problem; the solution must be approached responsibly, having access to the necessary information. Analyzing the rating of the best alarms for apartments and summer houses for 2021, you can choose a model that is suitable in terms of functionality, quality, and cost.


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It was planned and installed in the early stages of the building renovation. It differs in high-quality and reliable signal (correct installation by professionals). Suitable for owners of apartments and new homes (preparing for renovation).


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 Suitable for removable and refurbished buildings (no new renovation plan). The system is very simple to instal, which means it can be dismantled as you move it from place to place. You can move around and install new sensors and alarms.


For protection, detectors with a different principle of operation are used (infrared, microwave, ultrasound), power source (batteries, power supply from the network).

Magnetic Connection

A reed switch is used (sealed connection, limit switch). They interact with the opening and are located on the windowsills and doors.


Ultrasound waves are released (frequency 15-75 kHz). As the Doppler principle is used, the amplitude of the reflected wave is changed. Function – is untouched by environmental changes (temperature). Disadvantages – affects animals (dogs) and does not work well in sluggish movements.


It consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The principle of operation is based on transmitting a high-frequency signal when passing near the MV sensors, the frequency changes (the signal increases, it is transmitted to the relay, and the load is triggered). Sensitive to any vibrations, movements across the glass surface, door leaves. There are false positives.

Lasers, Optical Alarm Devices

The emitter (IR LED), receiver (a similar spectrum photodiode is suitable) of the safety system are placed opposite each other (lane). Stimulation occurs if the radiation falls off between the detectors – an unauthorized person passes. The obstacle sensor (used in robotics) is triggered when radiation from a foreign object (object) collides with a photodiode located next to the emitter.


Alarms react to ground vibrations. It is located in a trench, the distance is 40-50 cm from each other, and they are connected in series with a cable. The signal is transmitted to the control panel via the UPS (single power source). The number of sensors depends on the type of soil, the size of the area, and the natural seismic vibrations. They are used to protect large industrial buildings, warehouses, and gas transportation systems.


Howling makes loud, harsh sounds that frighten criminals and attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by. Besides, the light is used – turning on bright and flashing lighting.


HD-SDI – Easy to install, transmit video at an altitude of 200-300m.Requires high-quality cable material at a high cost. IP is the most common. Transferring information without special equipment 90-100 m.

ALFA G90B With Home And Outdoor Video Cameras

The manufacturer – Alfa (Russia). New for 2019. In addition to the movement signals and opening devices (windows and doors), the ready-made kit contains two video cameras (home, outdoor). WI-FI IP cameras have built-in motion control. They fix the culprit and transfer the photo (PC and smartphone). Cameras can be programmed:

Summing Up

Modern technologies help make everyday life calm and confident in the future. Knowing the main selection criteria and the characteristics of the component components of the system, you can quickly and easily decide on the choice of a suitable security system for your home.

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