Get yourself these protective Street Wise Security Products

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Travelling alone especially in unfamiliar locations and in the dark is a risk in itself. But ravelling without something for security is a risk punching the limits. With the amount of news we hear every day, it is important that we do our part in protecting ourselves. For women, this is a whole other problem. Particularly during the nights, it is essential that they carry something for security. Though there are self-defence options, it is important, we depend on certain help. Firstly, one has to proceed to fight on their own before you can call for help. And of course, modern problems require modern solutions. Here is some equipment that is handy and are great streetsmart options for ensuring personal safety.

Baton Flashlight Stun Gator

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Stretchable batons are certainly one of the best life-saving self-security devices. They are easy to use and very handy. These batons are carryable at an average size. The flashlight feature has three different modes. Each mode with different strength of lightwave light to overpower the vision of the attacker. Finally, the stun gator feature exhibits around 70 million volts of shock. They are rechargeable. The product is used as a defense. The flashlight does enough work. And when it doesn’t the stun gator does the rest. With lesser exposure to the stun gator, it simply makes the attacker unconscious.

Sting Ring

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Unlike the bigger versions of stun guns, this is more of a product that works in disguise. When caught in dangerous circumstances, you might not want to notify and give a heads-up to the attacker that you are armed. And these sting rings play their part there. They are very small and fit within your folded palm. Small and compact the area of control to activate the stunning function is at your disposal. With the squeeze N-technology, these little rings have the power to knock your attacker down. With powerful voltage control, these rings are great options for self-security instrument purchase.

Rechargeable Keychain Stun Gun

Another saving grace in disguise is these stun guns disguised as keychains. These are SMACK 16,00,000 stun guns featured in keychains. The keychains can be attached to your keys and there they are multipurpose devices. The stun is powerful enough to knock down the attacker. It also has provisions to attach to your purse or belts. The USB charging provision makes them long-lasting power holders. The size of this device is one of its most appealing features. Featuring a small holdable compact disguise, these are great options for you.

Smartwatch with SOS alarm

Smartwatches with alarms that send your close friends and family messages to notify them that you are in danger. Some smartwatches also make loud alarms to get help from people closer in the locality as you. Within a few moments of your notification help will be provided with aided help. And if you prefer to add emergency numbers to this alarm, it is even better, as the authorities are notified directly.


Not everywhere is unsafe. But deciding between where and what is unsafe will not at any case keep you safe. Anticipating these kinds of circumstances is an uncomfortable position to live in. Therefore, with these self-safety devices you can live in peace and handle situations in discussion in ease.

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