Features That Will Convince You To Opt For A 4k Security Camera

4k security camera

When it comes to surveillance technology, no security camera does it better than 4k security camera systems. Coming with 4k resolution at 3840 × 2160, these cameras provide four times the resolution of the next best ones, the HD cameras at 1920 × 1080. 4k security cameras are renowned for the high-quality videos they produce, as well as the ability to capture sharp details, like faces and license plates, from afar.

As technology improves, various 4k security cameras have also improved in certain ways. However, you may still wonder if these cameras are what you need. Hence, we discuss features that will convince you to opt for a 4k security camera.

Advanced Video Clarity

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4k security camera systems capture the highest quality videos explicitly. These cameras feature 8MP image sensors, which make it possible to get sharp details. These 8MP image sensors means that a 4k security camera captures more light, improves color and contrast, and is also effective in low-light.

If an incident occurs, evidence is quickly uncovered; evidence like a clear picture of the face, license plates, and even colors of clothings.

Better Zooming Ability

When compared to the 720 and 1080p security systems, you’ll discover that 4k security camera systems have superior digital zooming ability. They can, therefore, zoom even further into images without distorting the clear details captured. This ability is enhanced due to the higher number of pixels the cameras come with.

In the case of an incident, you can zoom in further into the video to get evidence like facial features, and license plates, even if the video is captured from afar.

Wide-Angle View

Before the advancement of 4k security cameras, you determine what number of cameras to monitor an open space, based on how large the space is. However, 4k security cameras feature wide-angle 2.8mm fixed lenses. These lenses allow you to monitor larger spaces with fewer security cameras.

This means that the largeness of an area does not determine the number of 4k security cameras to use. As large as a parking lot is, you’ll only need one or two of the 4k cameras to have a complete view of the space.

Advanced Night Vision

Even in total darkness, 4k security camera systems have the ability to clearly capture videos. This is due to the powerful infrared night vision that comes with these cameras. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark indoor or outdoor, these cameras will still capture footage.

What’s more is that the infrared night vision automatically activates in the dark, making the video transition between day and night continuous and seamless.


4k security cameras are known to produce some of the best high-quality security footage ever recorded. These cameras have numerous features that enhance their functions. We discuss features that will convince you to opt for a 4k security camera.

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