Everything Vital About This Premier Security System – ADT Security

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ADT Security is an American company that offers residential, small, and large businesses fire protection, electronic security, and various other related alarm monitoring services throughout the United States. The corporate head office of this adt security is in Boca Raton, Florida. In February 2016, Apollo Global Management acquired this company for $6.9 billion in a leveraged buyout and then merged it with another home security firm, Protection 1. Its purchase price represented a premium of approx—56% over Adt’s closing share price on February 12, 2016. And, when combined with Protection 1, it appeared for an aggregate transaction value of approximately $15 billion. In October 2019, Telus Corporation purchased the whole of ADT’s Canadian assets for $700 million. By the end of September 2020, Telus had changed the name of ADT’s Canadian assets to Telus SmartHome Security. 

Perfect Way To Monitor ADT Security Systems 

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ADT Security monitoring takes place over a POTS(Plain Old Telephone Service) Landline phone or over a cellular network. Similarly, if you want to make a phone call, you would either do it by cell or landline. Unfortunately, the popular VOIP phone options don’t work to offer you a stable connection method since most people are avoiding POTS lines and using cell phones only or VOIP phones. Lately, cellular monitoring has become the new industry standard. 

Shocking Effects When Adt Alarm Goes Off 

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When the ADT security alarm goes off, the siren will sound, and the adt will receive a notification revealing what triggered the alarm. It often happens that it does not receive this signal for around 30 seconds to reduce the occurrence of false alarms. 

Once it accepts the signals, the dispatcher will desire to determine whether it’s a real alarm or an incident. For this, they will call at least two numbers usually. To make it more clear, if a husband and wife have the alarm, adt will call both of them before calling the police to help prevent the occurrence of false alarms. 

Why People Find False Alarms A Big Deal And Define A False Alarm

A false alarm rings when a police officer gets dispatched, and there is nothing inaccurate. This false alarm can surely waste valuable city dollars and the officer’s time. Some police departments can also fine you for every false alarm you receive. And, some police departments won’t even pay attention and will feel the need for a third-party guard service to verify that the alarm is genuine. 


Add security has done wonders when it comes to the security services of this top-notch security system in the United States. I hope this excellent article provided you with the necessary vital information regarding this unique security system. Discuss it with your friends and family to provide them with such helpful information!

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