Brinks Home Security System – Home Alarm Components and Add-Ons

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Brinks is a leading brand of home security systems around the world. These systems are designed to give homeowners peace of mind with their ability to detect intruders and monitor any activity in or around a home security property. The Brinks wireless system can be installed by homeowners themselves for added convenience, or a professional security provider can do it for an additional fee. Either way, Brinks offers a great deal of features and benefits that come along with its installation. When researching companies that offer wireless security systems, consider what types of extra features they offer.

An Overview

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With the Brinks home security system, consumers have the ability to control five different smart security devices that monitor for possible intruders. These devices are Pet Seek and Fido, which monitor a dog’s whereabouts; Palsy, which can also locate a lost pet; Infrared, which can spot intruders and other movement through darkness; and Call Waiting, which can place a call to a security center when it senses movement in a certain area. Each of these devices can be armed or disarmed, making them extremely convenient and hassle free for users.

Consumers have the option of purchasing a basic package which gives them the basic capabilities of a wireless security system. These packages usually include Infrared motion detectors and a pet dog detection device for use with the Palsy and Pet Seek devices. If these basic packages are not included with your order, a professional installation will be required. A professional installation of the Brinks home security system can cost more than purchasing the basic packages alone, but if you need extra protection, the professional installation is often worth the extra cost.

Brinks Home Security System

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After installation, the Brinks home security system offers two years of unlimited remote video surveillance through the use of a professional installation. This remote video surveillance capability makes it possible for customers to keep an eye on their children, check in on elderly parents, check on cashiers and even monitor employees who visit company sites while on the clock. All of this comes in at no additional cost to the consumer.

With customer service on tap, customers can expect to receive assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Two years of unlimited remote video surveillance is included with the basic package, which includes two years of unlimited calls to a toll free number and two years of unlimited visits to the emergency call center. Additional services are available through call center and the customer service desk. In addition, customers can enjoy a two year nationwide residential plan that includes unlimited watches on doors and windows, twenty-four hour online access to the Web site, activation of carbon monoxide detectors and three-way notification of hazardous conditions. For a minimal monthly payment, the Brinks home security system provides a comprehensive safety plan that works for small and large families.

The installation of the Brinks home automation system is provided by ADT, a trusted and respected home automation provider. The installation instructions are contained in the company’s brochure, which is also filled with a wealth of information on the various features. Customer service personnel are always available to assist with installation questions and to answer general questions.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the types of brinks home security system components, you have plenty of options. From motion detectors and panic buttons to ceiling cameras and glass break detectors, there are tons of options to choose from. You can also choose from a wide variety of add-ons that can be purchased separately, and most of these add-ons are wireless and provide complete surveillance coverage. Some of the add-ons include surveillance cameras, exterior cameras, door and window sensors, and glass break detectors. You can also choose from over forty colors and fifty logos to customize your system; however, you do not have to use your company’s logo to decorate your system.

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