Arlo Security Camera – Staying Safe At Home Is Easy Now

arlo security camera

Modern Arlo Security Cameras are equipped with many different features, options, plans, and equipment. While old camera systems were difficult to install, newer camera systems have such beautiful features by which we can completely eradicate all your worries and tension regarding the safety of your valuables and home. First, determine the purpose of installing a home Arlo Security Camera and the place where you want to install it, and then look for the below-mentioned features to make the best purchase.

Features To Look For In A Arlo Security Camera

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Field of View

Generally, many Arlo Security Cameras come with a field view of 90 degrees up to 140 degrees. However, if you need a camera to monitor your backyard or a tremendous room, then you should go for a larger field of view. Otherwise, a camera with a narrower field of view will be sufficient.

Night Vision

Modern Arlo Security Cameras are equipped with a night vision feature, which is extremely useful for monitoring 24/7. In rural areas, where nocturnal animals roam, it will be beneficial to make sure they knock things out or make noises.


For much better detail, Arlo Security Cameras with resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p should be preferred. These levels of resolution won’t take a lot of storage space and bandwidth.

More Features

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Low light performance

Usually, night vision capabilities are not activated when the areas are dimly lit. It requires a wide aperture camera to allow the camera to absorb more light from dimly lit areas. By buying such a camera, you will see what’s happening instead of shadows and barely identifiable objects.

Motion detection

This feature is handy as it will alert you whenever a specific area of the room has movement. Some cameras also come with lights that get activated whenever a motion is detected.

Audio recorder

Choose a Arlo Security Camera that allows for two-way audio. Not every camera has this feature. However, it is a must as it enables you to communicate to whoever is in the view without actually being in their vicinity.

Mobile app support

Modern Arlo Security Cameras have apps that you can either install on your computer or phone. This will help you to monitor your home, kids, and pets while being away.


The size of the camera depends on where you want to place it. So, depending upon it, go for a slim platform and long neck or a flat platform with no neck.

Benefits Of Getting A Home Arlo Security Camera

The most important benefit of installing a home Arlo Security Camera is that your most precious valuables, electronics, jewelry remain safe from burglars. Most Arlo Security Cameras come with an alarm that can scare off anyone trying to steal anything by notifying the local authorities.

As technology advanced, Arlo Security Cameras now come with a system by which you can remotely monitor what’s happening in your home from your phone.

You can receive notifications if your carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms go off, so you can instantly fix it.

Using the provider’s mobile app, you can monitor your kids while being out for work, so you can know what’s happening inside.

By having a Arlo Security Camera installed at your home, you can be in a state of security and comfort, which will help you be a more focused, productive, and healthy person.


Choosing a Arlo Security Camera for your home can be a daunting task. However, to make an educated decision, you must learn the basics of the home security system suitable for your home, budget, and skill set. After going through this guide, you will be able to decide the best camera for your home.

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