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vivint security

Vivint Security recently released an updated version of its wired home security system that includes new features, such as a telephone dialer, a three-way voice dialing feature, notification on the PABX, and an interactive keypad. The company also provides a mobile video monitoring capability. This has been accomplished through the use of technology called On-The-Spot Technology. It is a wireless, high-speed internet-capable device. In addition, this new system comes with other features, such as a twenty-four hour monitoring capacity and a remote PC monitoring capability.

Vivint Security

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The intelligent communication interface or the IHI, which is included in all Vivint Security alarms, allows users to view the status of their cameras, sensors, doors and gates from any location. The Mobile Intelligent Hub, which is the brains of the entire system, integrates with other accessories via the Internet for a truly interactive experience. The vivint intelligent phone app allows the user to view all their sensors, cameras and doors from any location. This is done simply by pressing the Vivint Security Center icon while the phone is connected to the internet. Another added benefit to this particular application is the fact that it offers text messaging assistance if the user is stuck in the middle of a surveillance operation.

The third aspect of the Vivint Security system that is getting a lot of attention is the integration of its Smart Hub with video analytics. The Smart Hub is the centerpiece of the security system and houses the majority of the controls. The company claims that these intelligent hubs provide wireless access to a variety of remotely hosted security cameras. These cameras are connected to a digital video recorder (DVR), which can be accessed from any location using the Internet. This feature provides a real time image of what is going on around the house, in much the same way that conventional cameras monitor the interior of the home from the main entrance.

A final aspect of this product to analyze is the ease of setup. The Smart Hub makes it very easy to connect to the internet and install all of the necessary software and sensors. There are only two required installations – one for the web server and one for the wi-fi transmitters. Once these are installed, a simple password code is all that is needed to start the connection. Thus, an individual does not have to worry about technical support or any other troubleshooting issues that might be encountered during a professional installation.

The motion sensor is also one of the major components of Vivint’s smart devices and home automation devices. The device is used to detect motion near the perimeter of the property. Cameras mounted in the house allow for easy monitoring. There are three types of sensors – the PIR motion sensor, the CO2 sensor and the BEO2 sensor. All three of these sensors perform in the same way, so an individual can choose the one that they feel most comfortable with.

The final component of the Vivint system is the monitoring center. This is a computerized system that is connected to the Internet and all of the other components. Through the web portal, people can log into their account and enter login information. From here, they can activate or deactivate various components of the home security system, change the settings, and do a variety of other things.

A major selling point of the SmartHub is that individuals have up to date information about the status of their home security system. If an alarm system has been activated, for example, this feature will allow an individual to determine which sensors have been triggered. Additionally, if a sensor has been deactivated, the status will allow an individual to deactivate it as well. This is a very valuable feature and the SmartHub does provide updates in real time.

End Note

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It is important to note, however, that the installation of the SmartHub and the provision of the My Vivint Security Center are not enough. For people who want the most thorough and professional monitoring, they need to use the My Vivint Security Center. This is a web based interface for the system and the only way to get through the door is with a password and a PIN. A person who has never installed a security camera before should not install this application because the interface is very difficult to navigate and provides a very slow response time.

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