6 Must-Know Features Of Amcrest Security Cameras That Will Make You Its Fan

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Amcrest is a manufacturing and distributing company of security products like GPS trackers, indoor and outdoor cameras, and baby monitors. 

However, amcrest security cameras are the most famous and demanded security products of the company. These cameras are usually used by customers who are highly comfortable with the DIY setup and do not require consistent professional monitoring. The best part about these cameras is the 24 into seven customer service chat and troubleshooting option provided to the customers. Of course, certain other features make amcrest security camera people’s favorite digital product. Let us study each feature of this camera in detail. 

List Of Features Of Amcrest Security Cameras

Below are a few must known features that make the amcrest security camera an outstanding digital product. 


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If you were keenly searching for a camera that can withstand harsh weather conditions, Congratulations, this one is perfect for you. 

Amcrest security cameras are sturdy and are capable of standing up in certain rough weather. In addition, a security nerd’s outer model can last even through a hurricane without any serious issue. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The best part about these cameras is the 30 days money-back guarantee. This is not only generous but is also a plus point, why you should prefer these cameras over others. 

Moreover, you don’t have to sign any contract to avail of this feature. 

Night Vision

The fundamental reason behind the success of these cameras is the feature of night vision. 

Amcrest camera options provide its valuable customers with a fantastic feature of night vision that helps the company to stand out among competitors. For example, several cameras have 100 Feet of night vision. On the other hand, a few outdoor camera models also have vision capacities over 300 feet. 

Motion Detection

The user or the owner gets the push notifications when the amcrest camera detects motion. These cameras can record any motion event and can store it in the Cloud Service, SD card, or any application as per the settings. 

Smart Alarm Alerts

Amcrest security camera also has the feature of alerting the user based on your preferences and settings under certain circumstances. But remember this feature can be availed of only by the people who have the amcrest view Pro application. 


All in all, these were a few features of the amcrest security camera that make it the most loved security product in the market. Some other features of these cameras are the capability to zoom, tilt, and pan, HD video, two-way talk, 24 into seven live streaming and motion recording, facial recognition, Alexa compatibility, video sharing facility, and so on. These features are enough to know for any individual to make up his mind if the amcrest security camera is right for him/her or not. 

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