3 Great Cannon Security Products

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With increasing corruption and crimes it becomes critical to have more safer and secure surroundings. In such a scenario you can try security products by Cannon. They have given their best in the form of products. Multiple buyers have provided positive reviews about the brand. Below are 3 such products from Cannon. These are durable and strong enough to keep valuables safe in all adversities. 

Cannon’s Director 34Hx24Wx18D

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This product is designed for office purposes. You can also install it at home if you want. There are locking bolts that are about 4 inches as well as anti-pry tabs. It has received 75 minutes fire rating. You will get stunning colors and anything can be stored inside the safe. From jewelry to electrical appliances, everything is safe here. The safe also comes with interior lighting, a tough media box, a simple keypad lock, and many more. The buyers are instructed to keep the product away from chemicals. 

American Eagle 59Hx48Wx30D By Cannon

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Cannon provides a 72-gun safe with this product. It has got plenty of positive reviews from customers. A reliable safe with the dual-stage triple fin door seal attached to it. The product from deluxe plus series 60 minutes fire rates. You can pick colors like hammertone black and hammertone charcoal. Cannon has given a MOLLE door organizer kit along with 10 locking bolts. Locking bolts stand up to 4 inches or so. As per buyers, the safe is very easy to use and worth the value. It offers a lifetime warranty to the customers and that’s why consumers are always at advantage. The shelving can be adjusted in the safe. You can secure jewelry, documents, cash, or any other valuables.

Cannon 59Hx40Wx24D

The safe consists of double access EMP lock and the product is specially designed for keeping the guns safe. A stable safe that is pretty easy to install. Not just that it has about 12 locking bolts of 4 inches in length. Then triple hard plates along with anti-pry tabs within the safe. Plus, double lockers and stage triplefin floor door seal. It has received a 90 minutes fire rating. People are advised to not take chemicals near the safe. According to buyers, the product is of reasonable quality and reliable too. 


Are you worried about security and want to do something to make a safer place? If yes then the above-mentioned article could be of assistance. Here 3 good Cannon products are described which can secure your valuables for robbers. Director 34Hx24Wx18D is suitable for households and offices. This tiny safe can protect cash, jewelry, gold, electronics, and so on. The American Eagle 59Hx48Wx30D by Cannon is safe for securing guns and rifles. You can keep your guns safe in the Cannon 59Hx40Wx24D without much hustle.

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