3 Best Night Owl Security Cameras To Install In 2021

night owl security cameras

When it’s about security tech then Night Owl is surely one leading name. The brand is known for amazing quality DVRs as well as security cameras. It’s trusted by buyers since they give an impressive value for money at a cost-effective price. Whether its office, household, dealers, business, distributors, etc. they have products for every space. Night Owl has a wider range of buyers since it sells globally. The brand is also a fast-growing manufacturer in the market. Night Owl is spontaneously growing and bringing products for its customers. Here are its 3 best products right now. 

10 Channel Smart Security Camera System By Night Owl

The 10 Channel 1080p Smart Security System is one of the top-selling products at Night Owl. As the name suggests, it’s a camera with 1080p resolution video quality for $450. There is hardly any trouble with the camera since they are pretty easy to charge. The camera comes with pre-installed HDD storage that’s why there is no need to put extra effort while installing the camera. This camera allows two-way conversations as well. This is a huge advantage for users because they communicate with the person outside without stepping out of their home. Moreover, the 10 Channel 1080p Smart Security System is customizable. 

4 Channel Smart Security System From Night Owl

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There should be no compromise with security. That’s why Night Owl’s 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security System has a 100 feet night vision feature so that you can keep a check even in the dark. This camera does not need internet because all the footage goes into local storage. Night Owl’s 4 camera wireless system arrives for $400. This 1080p resolution camera has a pre-installed 1 TB hard drive too. Furthermore, the product has negligible monthly fees. The brand also has an app that is easy to initiate as well. 

Night Owl 8 Channel Wireless Smart Security

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The 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub is another compatible version of the 4 channel but in this one, you get 300 feet of night vision. The camera offers the same and some additional advantages. There’s a 1080p resolution along with 8 cameras. As for the technical support, it’s always available any time of the day. This 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Hub can secure offices, homes, and so on with ease. 


Night Owl is a big name in the security cameras category. It’s a brand that is an expert at security technology. Their products are always easy to use, compatible, cost-effective as well as the best value one can get. However, some products are more popular and profitable than the others such as the 10 Channel 1080p Smart Security System. This camera is customizable so you can make adjustments in settings that you don’t like. The 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security and 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security are great options too. 

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